Brighten Your Skin with These ELEMIS Beauty Products

Get excited friends because there are three beauty products by ELEMIS that are just astounding.

The first product that is available to purchase is the “Limited Edition Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm 200g Supersize,” available for $99.

The cleansing balm is ELEMIS’ number one product in terms of deep skin cleansing. When you use this product, it does wonders to your skin as it can remove stubborn makeup and malicious oils and dirt after working a long day.

This limited edition ELEMIS cleansing balm was made in a collaborative effort between ELEMIS and the British fashion house Lily and Lionel in an English Rose flavor.

To use, simply warm the cleansing balm, rub the cleansing balm around your face, and then either remove it with a warm, wet face towel or leave it on as a face mask. It can be used both day and night.


This product is also a worthy purchase because it was made to benefit breast cancer awareness. In part of breast cancer awareness, ELEMIS had promised to donate $25,000 to The Pink Agenda, a non-profit organization focused on promoting breast cancer awareness and funding research for cures for breast cancer.

The second product is the “Peptide⁴ Thousand Flower Mask, ” priced at $45.

This facial mask is made of Peptide⁴, nordic peat, and willow complex (a combo of willows from violet willows, white willows, and black willow barks) and is meant to brighten your skin as well as get rid of your pores.

The product should be used two to three times a week on your skin after it has been cleansed and is great for all skin types.

To use it put it on face and neck, leave it on for fifteen minutes, and then take it off with warm water and a dark face towel. The third and final product is the “Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix,” at $160 for 30 ml and $230 for 50 ml.

Using Elemis’ ‘Smart Technology’, this overnight cream’s purpose is to help you smooth out wrinkles and leave you looking younger and healthier and clean up your skin from the effects of stress, pollution, and lack of sleep.

This cream should be used every evening before going to sleep.

To use, apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your hands, and apply it to your face and neck.