Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘The Final Table’


If you loved Iron Chef then be prepared to be obsessed with Netflix’s new international chef cook-off. 


Netflix is premiering its most ambitious cooking competition show yet, where 12 teams of world-renowned chefs will compete for a place at The Final Table. The show will feature the most talented chefs in the world competing for a spot at the final table with the globe’s greatest chefs. The 12 teams will be cooking for some of the toughest palates in the world, sharing their food with celebrity ambassadors, food critics, and features each country’s greatest chef eliminating the teams.

According to a Netflix press release, each episode will focus on a country and its cuisine. The countries that will be in focus are Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Japan, the U.S., India, and Italy. In the final episode, only one chef will receive a spot at the table.

You can catch episodes of The Final Table premiering on Netflix November 20th.