Monster Towel Makes Hitting the Beach so Much Easier

It’s big. It’s soft. It’s Monster Towel.Monster Towel is the biggest towel on the market today. It’s 10’x10’ and is big enough for the whole family to camp out on, on the beach. So, instead of bringing 15 different towels, you can bring one enormous towel that rolls up small and compact.It’s made of a super absorbent, microfiber material so it’s soft to lay on and easy to dry off with. The light material allows to be rolled up super tightly and only weighs 3.5 lbs so you can cart it anywhere.

It comes in a lot of fun, bright colors. From sunset pink to coral red, you’re definitely bound to find something you like. If colors aren’t your thing, it also comes in black.

The Monster Towel also comes with hidden corner pockets, so, your phone, lotion and anything else valuable will be safe.

So next time you’re going to a soccer game with the fam or hitting the beach with all your friends, pack your Monster Towel.  You won’t have to worry about ruining family blankets or losing all your Target towels anymore.