Amandla Stenberg Appears on ‘Fallon’ and Talks Her New Movie + Life Lessons

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Amandla Stenberg stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about her new movie The Hate U Give, lessons she learned from Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games, and her cover on Time magazine. 

When Stenberg sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show she explained how her gap year from college turned into her not going at all. Stenberg was supposed to start film school recently but ended up deferring twice before deciding not to go altogether. She decided instead to film her new movie The Hate U Give. “Why would I pay to go to film school when I could get paid to go to film school?” She said during the interview.

Stenberg also talked about life lessons she received from Jennifer Lawrence when they filmed The Hunger Games. Lawrence took Stenberg under her wing during filming and the two seemed to become close. “She taught me how to pee in the woods,” Stenberg told Jimmy, referring to one of the life lessons that she learned on set.

Stenberg also discussed her cover on Time magazine and meeting some very influential Hollywood stars. She told a funny story of how she fell over during one of her Time’s Up meetings and how Shonda Rhimes and Tracy Ellis Ross all stared at her and asked if she was okay.

After some laughs, Stenberg talked about her new movie The Hate U Give which is based off of a poem by Tupac Shakur. The movie delivers a powerful and moving message involving the Black Lives Matter movement. The movie looks incredible and comes out October 19th.

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