Mark Ruffalo Spoils Ending of ‘Avengers 4’ to Jimmy Fallon

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Mark Ruffalo stopped by Fallon to talk about his new superhero movie, which is currently being filmed. 

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

While Fallon may know the details of the new Marvel film, unfortunately, we weren’t in on the secret. When asked for details of the new film, Ruffalo dived right in, however, we were bleeped out to the information.

Ruffalo has previously been in trouble with the company before, after giving info about Avenger’s: Infinity Wars before the film released and basically spoiling the ending. This time Ruffalo promised to be more careful this time. Of course, the interview was probably all in good fun, and likely a fun publicity stunt to endorse the film.

Ruffalo plays the Hulk in the film, which is expected to release sometime next year. He also spoke about his cast members and their group Avengers tattoos, saying that he feels “left out.” He explained that he is still working up the courage to get a tattoo because he is afraid of needles.

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