Netflix Releases ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Full-Length Trailer


Netflix released their full-length trailer for their new series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


Netflix has finally given us a more in-depth look at their new Riverdale spin-off series. The streaming service gave us our first full-length trailer, and it looks dark and spooky. The brand new series is based off the Archie comics of the same name.

The beginning of the trailer focuses on the classic couple, Harvey and Sabrina. Then we get the very dark and haunting twists Netflix has been promising us. Fans should get very excited to see where this new show will take them. Just in time for Halloween.

Scared? No worries, from the looks of the trailer we will also get a lot of dark humor to pair with it. Netflix also released a sneak peek of the new show earlier this week-with a scene between Aunt Hilda and Sabrina. Lucy Davis, who plays Aunt Hilda, shared the scene on KTLA News after she spoke about the show and her character.

Make sure you catch the new show premiering October 26th on Netflix.