Kaley Cuoco is Harley Quinn in Upcoming DC Universe Series ‘Harley Quinn’


The Big Bang Theory star will voice Harley Quinn in the upcoming DC Universe adult animated series Harley Quinn.

The teaser trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series was first released at this year’s New York Comic Con.

The trailer first features Cuoco as Harley Quinn breaking the fourth wall by speaking to the New York Comic Con audience in Arkham Asylum about her new series. Poison Ivy is then revealed and refutes Harley, believing that people are going to hate her series. Harley argues back and says that people will enjoy it because it has “comedy, action, incredibly gratuitous violence, and unlike that Deadpool cartoon, it’s actually coming out” – jabbing at the canceled FX animated series based on Marvel’s antihero Deadpool that was to be developed by Donald Glover.

Poison Ivy then also argues that the show should be dark and gritty, possibly referencing to the subject matter of previous DCEU films such as Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League.

Harley continues to state that her show will be fun and threatens viewers that don’t enjoy it that she will “bash their ****ing heads in.” Batman then appears by the window outside Harley and Poison Ivy’s cell and says that “There’s no fun in Arkham, Quinn” before the show’s logo appears.

Watch the teaser trailer below:


Cuoco, who’s currently starring in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory for its twelfth and final season, had shared on Instagram her excitement for the upcoming project.

“It’s out! I’m officially joining the [DC Universe] with the iconic [Harley Quinn]!” Cuoco had written in the caption of her Instagram. “So excited .. we have been working on this adult series for awhile and can’t wait for you to see it next year..it’s edgy, crazy, and seriously funny! Harley’s back!”

Cuoco later posted an image of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy creating chaos together on Instagram.

@thedcuniverse #harleyquinn 💋

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DC Universe’s Harley Quinn will premiere exclusively on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019.