Lady Gaga Appears On ‘Ellen’ Talks ‘A Star Is Born’ + Co-Star Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga stopped by Ellen to chat about her new movie, A Star is Born. 

Lady Gaga came to Ellen to talk about her character Ally in A Star is Born, her experience working with Bradley Cooper, and why she can’t let go of her character from the film. When Ellen comments on her amazing acting in the film, Gaga is quick to say that its a result of working with Bradley Cooper. She says that she completely trusted him during the filming process and he was amazing to work with.

Gaga revealed that Cooper wrote all of his songs for his character on the film and that his singing voice is absolutely incredible, and she stopped “dead in her tracks” the first time she heard him sing. Ellen and Gaga then went on to play a game, where Gaga shared her favorite things and her first celebrity crush.

She also talked about her love of the previous versions of A Star is Born. She even mentions how she tried to make it as a singer, going door to door to try and catch her big break, and how that is very different from Ally in the film. Gaga says she dyed her hair the night the finished filming so that she could get out of the character as quickly as possible. Hinting to the audience that there is a lot of “emotion and tragedy” in the movie.

You can catch A Star is Born in theatres October 5th. Catch up on Ellen on