Logan Browning Encourages Everyone to Vote


The star of Netflix’s television series Dear White People made an Instagram post on September 25th, also known as National Voter Registration Day in the United States, to get people to register to vote.

Logan Browning shows that she’s not just an advocate for social change as Samantha White in her television series Dear White People.

In the Instagram post, Browning emphasized how voting is a United States citizen’s right, the significance of voting, and how voting for the right official, whether it’s a mayor or a judge, can impact lives.

“As an American citizen, Two things are for certain: being registered to vote is your privilege and voting is your right,” Browning wrote in her Instagram caption. “Today is the national day of shining a light on YOU. Everything that you love/hate about the world around you in this country is directly related to your policy makers, judges, district attorneys, etc.—And we ELECT them.”

“There are resources (@rockthevote @aclu_nationwide) that will educate you on all of your ballot options & how they directly affect you,” Browning continued. “Go to VOTE.Gov to register today, please”

Browning had also made a post on Twitter encouraging her followers to register to vote.

Meanwhile, celebrities, organizations, and companies have also been encouraging people to register to vote.

The non-profit organization When We All Vote, run by Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monáe, Michelle Obama, and Chris Paul, was created to have people, organizations, and businesses brought together to learn about the importance of voting.

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi recently starred in a Schoolhouse Rock-style music video to get people to register to vote.

The Google homepage had its logo redesigned for National Voter Registration Day to encourage its visitors to register to vote.

Election Day takes place on November 6th.