Sanaa Lathan Embraces Her Beauty After Shaving Her Head for ‘Nappily Ever After’


Actress Sanaa Lathan plays the role of Violet Jones in the new Netflix film Nappily Ever After and found her true beauty in the process. In a recent interview with CNN, Lathan discusses her decision to shave her head for her new film. For this transformative role, Lathan plays a woman who seemingly lives a simple, yet perfect life. Nevertheless, when her world starts to crumble, she comes out the other side stronger than ever.

She told CNN, “I was in a place where I was ready for the big chop. It came in my life at a time I was kind of re-thinking beliefs and desires, and actually, my hair was a big part of that.” It sounds like Lathan underwent a transformation, and not just through her character.

“Hair, in terms of women in general, is a huge part of what we’re told represents our beauty,” Lathan said. “Beauty obviously plays into self-esteem and self-worth. As black women in this culture…we’ve been told that our hair is not beautiful because it does not look like the European standard, which is long and straight.”

We fell in love with her new look when she posted about it on Instagram last year. She concluded her interview by saying, “This is a love story through the lens of hair, a woman’s hair journey, but it’s a love story about falling in love with yourself.”

It’s inspiring and so liberating to see a strong woman like Sanaa Lathan defy modern standards. We need more incredible and beautiful women like her to look up to.