Noah Cyrus is Selling Her Tears for $12,000 Following Split from Lil Xan


Get your credit cards ready. Noah Cyrus is promoting her debut EP by selling a bottle of her own tears for $12,000. 

We’re wondering if the young singer could use a hug considering crying and tears seem to be a common theme throughout her music. Her first single, featuring Labrinth, titled “Make Me (Cry)”, charted in the US and across the world back in late 2016.

Nearly two years later, Cyrus is releasing her first EP studio album with Colombia Records titled Good Cry. Cyrus has partnered with the website Pizzaslime to sell some rather interesting merch for the EP, including t-shirts with a picture of the singer’s father Billy Ray Cyrus’ covered in face tattoos.  However, the most jarring (no pun intended) item on the promotional website is a small jar filled with Noah Cyrus’ tears, and for only $12,000 that bottle could be yours.

The bottle, which has since been removed, was listed on the website as “Noah Tears” which consisted of “Approximately 12 tears made by Noah Cyrus as a result of sadness.”  The item description included a warning not to ingest the human tears because they are salty and it would be, “Super fucking weird if you drank someone else’s tears.”



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one persons trash is another persons treasure. me & @pizzaslime’s stuff is up now for 48 hrs!

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What was intended to be a joke and a jab at her now ex-boyfriend Lil Xan, following their very public breakup, has fans saving their pennies to purchase a bottle. One fan even went so far as to set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the singer’s salty souvenir. Cyrus’ team has since offered to reimburse any fans that donated to the page and have removed the bottle of ‘Noah Tears’ from the website.

Hopefully, the singer can keep her tears to a minimum now that her EP was released and she is set to be touring through the end of the year.