Lilly Singh Walks Makeup-Free at #NYFW


The popular YouTuber used her appearance at New York Fashion Week to make a statement about natural beauty. 

Lilly Singh is known for being a girl boss, and she showed her true colors on the runway at NYFW last week. In a partnership with Olay Skincare, Singh strutted her stuff in a fashion show looking all natural, going totally makeup-free with the exception of moisturizer.

The latest vlog on her YouTube channel, iisuperwomanii, follows the process of her preparation for Fashion Week. Singh also takes viewers along with her to do some sightseeing at Grand Central Station, which was plastered with images of her Olay campaign:


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Found this dweeb in Grand Central Station, NYC.

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Lilly Singh’s makeup-less look at NYFW proves that natural beauty can be just as fabulous as full glam. To watch the full experience of her NYC adventures, click the video below.