Nick Cannon Shows Support to Colin Kaepernick


Nick Cannon decided to do an act of kindness in support of Colin Kaepernick’s Nike ad.

Johnny Vy/CBS

The “Wild n Out” host was so moved by Colin Kaepernick’s ad that he could not help but show his support to the former 49ers’ player in the sincerest way. Nick decided to buy every single black sock in a nearby Nike store and gift it to the homeless.


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By Any Means Necessary…

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The “Drumline” actor shared the video of his good act of kindness on his Instagram.

“Drove pass @Nike store and felt compelled to buy all the (black)socks in the store and donate them to the homeless! In the name in my bro @Kaepernick7#KnowYourRights #JustDoIt

Last week, Nike released an ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick. The ad took social media by storm from both sides. People who refuse to listen to Kaepernick’s reason for protest decided that they should burn their Nike products. As of this week, Nike’s sales have gone up a staggering 31%.


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Need this on a T-Shirt Asap!!! ✊🏾 Don’t be on the wrong side of History… Again.

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Many celebrities like Nick Cannon have shown support behind the football player ad. The ad itself is inspirational and it should raise a sense of encouragement that we should never give up on our dreams despite what people tell us. We should not limit ourselves.

We are happy that the ad inspired Nick Cannon to give back to the community because that is what the movement is really about.