Jada Pinkett Smith Shares a Note From the Late Rapper Eazy-E


Today the late rapper would have been 54.

Jada Pinkett Smith posted a picture of a note the “Boyz in the Hood” rapper left on her car. The “Girl’s Trip” actress posted the note to celebrate Eazy’s birthday. “Eric wuz here. Nuw I’m gun bi lil Jada,” Eazy wrote.

“This is a note Eazy-E left on my car after I forgot we were supposed to meet up about my poetry book he was pushing me to publish (with a cd inserted of me reciting them:)) Happy Birthday, Eazy! You were one of a kind and a great friend. Thank you. Rest,” Jada expressed.

Earlier this year Jada posted a video from the news program, LIVE L.A., calling out Eazy for the misogyny in his music. This was the first time the two had met. Jada spoke about the misogyny in rap lyrics and called out Eazy and his then group N.W.A, for their depiction of women.

In the video, Jada says “I told Eazy today that before I met him today that I thought he was a woman hater because of his music that he writes.” Jada went on to say that when she listens to music she wants to be able to feel good and told Eazy that he has the power to make women feel good about themselves.


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This is the day I met Eazy! We became the best of friends after this program✨

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Jada explains that the two became best friends after that.