Get You a Hype Man Like Zendaya’s


Zendaya is known for her continuous slayage and always killing the game.

When it comes to makeup, fashion, and selfies, Zendaya is the blueprint. Today, Zendaya posted a video on Instagram showing off her beauty.

Get you a hype man like @darnellappling

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In the video, the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is rocking a lace salmon colored dress. The dress is very vintage looking and looks fitting for Zendaya’s style. The actress wore a low ponytail that exposed her beauty even more. Let’s just command Zendaya on her makeup game because it is on point. Most importantly it was the poses that Zendaya was making through the video that made us decide to stan forever.


In the caption of the video, the actress mentions “Get you a hype man like @darnellappling (Darnel Appling).” Darnell can be heard as Zendaya is posing saying “movement…movement, give me movement…yes, yes.” As Darnell is saying this to Zendaya you can see the overflowing confidence that is taking over her.

We all need a friend like Darnell that is not afraid to let you know how great you look. A boost of confidence goes a long way.