Lin-Manuel Miranda Drops “Boom Goes the Cannon…” Music Video


The music video for “Boom Goes the Cannon…” is the latest release from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s monthly serial music drops entitled “Hamildrops” — a collection of songs based on the music from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton sung and recorded by other musicians. 

“Boom Goes the Cannon…” partially sampled lyrics from one of the numbers from act one of Hamilton: “Right Hand Man”. “Boom Goes the Cannon…” was previously released as a single a few months ago back on June 17th, 2018.

The single was a music collaboration between Miranda and the iconic hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, which included the members Prodigy and Havoc. Mobb Deep had also inspired Miranda for the song “My Shot”. The lyric “only nineteen but my mind is older” from “My Shot” was influenced by the lyric “I’m only 19, but my mind is old” from Mobb Deep’s song, “Shook Ones Part II”.

The music video for the latest Hamildrop cuts between black and white footage of Prodigy performing on-stage during a performance and to Havoc and his friends in New York City.


The song was previously recorded before Prodigy’s untimely death last year due to health complications from sickle cell anemia. Both the single and the music video were dedicated to Prodigy’s memory. The day that “Boom Goes the Cannon…” was released back in June, Manuel tweeted out his gratitude to Prodigy and Havoc: “Rest in peace, Prodigy. Thank you Havoc.”

“Boom Goes the Cannon” and the other Hamildrops are now available to listen, stream online, or purchase.