Nicki Minaj Postpones North American Leg of Tour


The artist took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the rescheduling and the reasons behind it.

If you weren’t aware, Nicki and Future were the duo behind the “NickiHndrxx” tour taking place mid-2018 to early 2019. Minaj posted a video on Twitter explaining due to the time it took to finish her album and putting in the rehearsal for a show the fans deserve, the timing is just not right.

In the video, Nicki states, “With Future’s schedule, I may have to take another co-headliner or I may just do it like I did the “Pinkprint” tour and it wouldn’t be a co-headline, I would probably just have three or four opening acts.”

Either way, she stresses the tour is not canceled and the North American leg will pick up in May after the time and effort is put into rehearsals for an outstanding show.

Fans spent no time assuring Nicki that her decision was something they supported despite the wait in a thread of tweets following the announcement.

Nicki’s tour is something you want to look out for and snag tickets if you can.