Filming For Season Six of ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Has Begun


On August 20th, 2018, the cast of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine teased its fans with behind-the-scenes photos of themselves on-set filming the first episode of their show.

Jordin Althaus/FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine had aired on the television network FOX since 2013. But on May 10th, 2018 FOX had made the announcement that it would cancel the show after five seasons. Shortly after the announcement was made devoted fans of the show, which included celebrities such as Guillermo del Toro, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Mark Hamill, took to social media and protested Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s cancelation. Fans had then proceeded to vigorously campaign for the show’s renewal and had even earned a number one trending topic on Twitter.

Eddy Chen/FOX

According to Variety, talks amongst other television networks and online streaming services to earn rights for the show and renew it began after the show’s cancelation; the networks interested included Hulu, Netflix, NBC, and TBS. The show was then renewed for a sixth season with an order of thirteen episodes by NBC the next day on May 11th, 2018.

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Jordin Althaus/FOX.

It’s not hard to understand why people are so passionate about this show: the show is hilarious (see one of the show’s cold openings of criminals in a line-up singing I Want It That Way if you haven’t already), has a diverse cast, very feminist, has beloved characters that break the mold and are not caricatures or stereotypes, contains healthy romantic relationships, and had stories that discussed important topics such as racial profiling.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return on NBC mid-season of the 2018-19 season.