Will Smith is Expanding “JUST” Water


It’s great seeing people help preserve our planet from climate change. Will Smith is expanding the water company, JUST, outside the United States to the UK.

Will posted the announcement on his Instagram. The Suicide Squad actor explained that the water company was started by his son Jaden Smith. The goal of the company is to “make bottled water a little safer for our world.” This week Will and Jaden are getting the JUST Water, on the shelves of Boots UK, and Whole Foods UK.

Jaden’s goal is to preserve the world with his bottled water company with the impressive packaging that is 82% renewable. Furthermore, Will took on the role of a customer service salesman and made the day of many customers. During one point of the video, a customer asked Will if he was just a look-alike to which Will laughed off. Can we blame the customer? Imagine strolling through a supermarket and then Will Smith comes up to you and tries to sell you water. We would be in denial too.

JUST has partnered with Boots to sell the water in the UK. We love Jaden and Will’s message because we should heal the world and make it a better place for each other and future generations.