Danai Gurira Fights Against Wildlife Trafficking


Black Panther actress, Danai Gurira is fighting back for the wildlife. The actress shared on her Instagram Sunday afternoon about the wildlife trafficking that is going on.

Danai captions about future generations watching the iconic Black Panther, and not having any idea that the rhinos shown in the film are extinct because they were endangered. She continues that wildlife trafficking is “a global criminal activity,” that is endangering animals all over the planet. Danai describes the problem as a “conservation issue.”

As Danai mentioned in the post, it is everyone’s problem because we are in charge of preserving this earth and everything that is on it for the future generation. We should be preserving the Earth got ourselves because we have the power, technology, and materials to make sure Rhinos do not go extinct.

If you would like to join the cause and help Danai save the Rhinos and fight against animal trafficking, head over to the Wild Aid website for Rhinos, to get informed. Just remember that this is everyone’s problem and it is our job to make that the rhinos do not go extinct and they will be here for future generations to see.