Happy National Intern Day to Our Amazing Team That Rocks

It’s National Intern Day and we are celebrating all of our highly creative and hardworking interns.

Glitter Magazine would not be the amazing female-founded outlet that we are, without the voices of the many talented women that come through our door. In celebration of National Intern Day, we are honoring our superstar staff that keeps you in the know on all things celebrity, music, fashion, beauty, self-love, and girl power.

Read below to find out more about our intern team, as well as their take on our #SelfLoveCampaign.

Nicole Keith, Massachusetts (Lead Intern)

I’m a rising junior at UMass Amherst majoring in communication and journalism and minoring in Chinese. I go to way too many concerts and love to go on adventures.

Fav band/artist? My favorite artists are Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown.

Name one place you would love to visit and why? I’d love to visit China because I’ve been studying Chinese for 7 years and I think it would be really cool to be immersed in their culture.

Fav beauty product? My favorite beauty product is mascara (protip: lash paradise loreal is a great knockoff for better than sex).

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Self-love to me means being happy with who you are and giving yourself time to spend on yourself every once in a while!

Tessa Chambers, Michigan

I’m a rising senior at Central Michigan University majoring in broadcasting with a minor in advertising.  My main interests are music, fashion, and bringing awareness to cultural issues. At Glitter, I feel like I’m able to explore all of my interests on a deeper level to create content with some substance.

Fav band/artist? The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, anyone whos song has lyrics I connect with and a beat that’s fire.

Name one place you would love to visit and why? Bora Bora. I need to see that water with my own eyes.

Last book you read? A textbook

Fav beauty product? Mascara

What’s Self-Love mean to you? To me, self-love is being able to look at yourself in the mirror and just know you’re being 100% true to how you feel regardless of what anybody thinks or says.

Lily Johansen, Massachusetts

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a double major in marketing and communication. I love all things fashion. Community service and giving back is a huge part of my life. And, most importantly, writing is my passion.

Fav band/artist? Beyonce

Name one place you would love to visit and why? I have wanted to travel to Paris ever since I was a little girl because it is the fashion hub of the world.

Last book you read? An Invisible Thread by Alex Tresniowski and Laura Schroff

Fav beauty product? BB Cream

What’s Self-Love mean to you? To me, self-love means embracing your flaws and insecurities and working towards becoming a better version of yourself every day.

Mariah Eckert-Berry, Nevada

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. I have a passion for creating diverse and uplifting content with the goal of one day working with empowering brands and producing a docu-series.

Fav band/artist? Ariana Grande – she sings like an angel, constantly serves looks, is a feminist queen and Kanye became too problematic.

Name one place you would love to visit and why? Paris – my mom has always wanted to go, and I’d love to be able to take her there.

Last book you read? Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. He also wrote The Virgin Suicides, which is one of my favorite movies.

Fav beauty product? Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Self-love is having compassion for yourself, and continually working on accepting and embracing who you are despite the harsh judgments you’ve been taught to absorb.

Kayla Smith, New York 

I am a rising senior at St. John’s University living in Queens, NY originally from Baltimore, MD. I came to St. John’s to take advantage of the “Big Apple” and fulfill my dream of being a journalist. Favorite Quote: “Contingo ergo sum.” -Descartes, which means “I think therefore I am.”

Fav band/artist? Queen Bey and Migos

Name one place you would love to visit and why?  Cancun because I always wanted to take a girl’s trip there.

Last book you read? Some Love Some Pain by J. California Cooper

Fav beauty product? Clinique concealer + foundation

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Putting yourself first and loving yourself first and foremost.

Elle Lee, Washington

I’m Elle and I’m a rising sophomore at New York University. I studied abroad in London for my first year, which was a really special experience. I am majoring in Media Culture and Communications. I love music, photography, and videography. I’m also a huge foodie.

Fav band/artist? J. Cole

Name one place you would love to visit and why? I’d love to go to Bali because of how scenic and beautiful it is.

Last book you read? The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

Fav beauty product? Highlighter! I like Watts Up by Benefit.

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Self-love means taking care of yourself and being kind and good to feel and to think beautiful.

Kara Golembeski, Connecticut

I am a rising senior at the University of Connecticut, double majoring in Sociology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and minoring in English. I’ve been in love with writing since I learned to hold a pen, and it’s something that I always hope to do, whether in my career or on the side. I also have a passion for social activism, especially in regard to gender equality, and ultimately I want my life’s work to involve empowering and fighting for the rights of women and other marginalized groups.

Fav band/artist? Tame Impala and The Japanese House

Name one place you would love to visit and why? Sweden because I never checked any of the Nordic countries off my bucket list when I studied abroad in Europe

Last book you read? Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Fav beauty product? Glossier Haloscope

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Speaking your truth, owning who you are, and consciously making the choices that are best for you.

Erin Proud, New York

I’m Erin Proud and I just finished up my sophomore year at the University of Buffalo in upstate New York. Originally I was born in Michigan however!  I’m a Communications major, seeking a future career in corporate communications or marketing within the fashion and beauty industry. I think no place on this planet beats New York City and plan to spend the rest of my days there.

Fav band/artist? Harry Styles

Name one place you would love to visit and why? South Africa. I have always had a strong desire to do charity work here and to go on a safari of course

Last book you read? Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Fav beauty product? Tarte BB cream

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Unapologetically being your true self without fear of judgment from anyone.

Allie Gonzales, Michigan

I am Allie and I am a senior at Grand Valley State University. I am pursuing a major in Writing and a minor in Mathematics. I love volunteering, hiking, seeing local music in my area and going to concerts. I hope to be an editor and creative non-fiction writer later in life!

Fav band/artist? I love listening to Paramore and Foo Fighters

Name one place you would love to visit and why?  I have always wanted to visit Athens, Greece. I love the buildings and art in Greece because there is so much history!

Last book you read? The last book I read was All These Wonders which is a collection of true stories presented at The Moth.

Fav beauty product? Philosophy’s Skin Tint. It is super light and great for dry skin

What’s Self-Love mean to you? To me, self-love is doing what is best for you. It means being yourself, no matter what others might think because that is what will make you happiest.

Kamillah Mendoza, California

I am a new graduate from Cal State East Bay as an English Creative Writing major. I love animals and the beach. I hope to enhance my writing skills and teach English abroad one day.

Fav band/artist?  I don’t have one, I love all types of music

Name one place you would love to visit and why? Greece. I’ve always loved learning about their culture.

Last book you read? Catfish and Mandala by Andrew X. Pham

Fav beauty product? Fenty Foundation. It works wonders!

What’s Self-Love mean to you? Self-love to me is working on yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.