Kathleen Lights Creates ‘The Zodiac’ Collection with ColourPop


Get ready for the mystical Zodiac palette, coming out July 26th.

Kathleen Lights is a Cubana vlogger known for her beauty tutorials on YouTube. She has teamed up with ColourPop to create an astrology inspired line consisting of an eyeshadow palette, two Lux lipsticks, Super Shock Highlighters, and ultra-glamorous and glittery liquid Supernova Shadows.

“The Zodiac” palette will have you starry-eyed with 12 different shades named after the signs, both shimmery and matte. It is quite logical with astrological backing, with Aries being a fiery gold-red hue, and Pisces being a glitzy turquoise. The lipsticks, named “What’s your sign?” and “Scorpio Moon,” both come in neutral beige and creamy mauve shades, respectively.

The range launches on July 26th online.

ColourPop has previously released their summer “Sol + Mar” collection, and they have set the bar high for their future releases. This mystical and magical line is perfect as it includes a versatile range of colors and options for creating different looks.

Kathleen posted swatches on her Instagram for the upcoming release as well as a video explaining her collection that you can watch below.