You’ve Been Pronouncing ‘Versace’ Wrong This Whole Time


It’s Versace, not Versachee.

We’ve all been there. Mispronouncing names and brands is not only common but often times is a no-brainer, slap to the forehead ordeal.

It may come as a surprise then, that many have been pronouncing Versace (thanks Drake and Bruno Mars) wrong for years. The brand is finally setting the record straight.

In a video clip posted on Instagram, various top models dressed in high fashion for the fall/winter collection gave a lesson on how to pronounce the brand’s name properly. In the few seconds, we see Imaan Hammam, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Liu Wen, and Versace creative director herself, Donatella Versace.

In addition to slight humor, the purpose of gathering 50+ models is for the upcoming Versace seasonal campaign. Versace highlights model diversity, captioning a picture that their models “are a true representation of clans that embody everything Versace stands for- diversity expressed together with innovation in the fearless representation of what it means to be daring.”

It isn’t the first time Donatella Versace has quipped about Italian pronunciation. In 73 Questions with Vogue back in January, she mentioned the word’s common mispronunciation with the additional “e” sound many of us are guilty of.