Taylor Swift Meets Fan Battling Brain Cancer


With the help of Meghan McCain, one well-deserved Swiftie was able to get up close and personal with her favorite pop star.

It all began when the best friend of 21-year-old Lexie Caviston, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, tweeted a few sweet photos with a message that the two would be attending the Reputation tour on July 14th, and that it was Lexie’s dream to meet Taylor.

When Meghan McCain–daughter of John McCain–saw the post, she empathized with Lexie’s situation on account of her father’s like diagnosis and opted to reach out to Taylor herself to make that dream come true.

Being the charitable and kindhearted soul that she is, of course, Swift came through and held a private meet and greet with her superfan, and from the looks of the Tweet that followed, it seems as though Lexie had the experience of a lifetime.