More and More Celebrity Brides Are Going Fresh-Faced


From the Duchess of Sussex to the unabashed Cardi B, these celebrity women are choosing a more natural look for the big day.

Your wedding day is a monumental occasion, and with such occasions come all kinds of pressure–the pressure to look your best above all else. Traditionally this may have meant a grandiose display of dress pageantry, hair styling, and makeup that fits the trend of the time, but the year is 2018 and our favorite badass brides are breaking rules when it comes to beauty bridal expectations.

Many women feel obligated to wear makeup on any normal day, so imagine the pressure to rock a flawless face when you’re marrying a prince! Pressure, we might add, that didn’t seem to affect Meghan Markle as she walked down the aisle last month. Showing off her signature freckles and all, Meghan presented a more natural look for all the world to behold.

“You want your spouse to see the person they’re marrying and not focus on a trendy makeup look that’s a sign of the times,” commented Daniel Martin, Meghan’s makeup artist. The Duchess isn’t the only one; Cardi B, Victoria Beckham, and even Gisele Bündchen also wore little to no makeup at each of their own weddings.