Black Woman Wins Miss Universe Great Britain


Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers became the first black woman to be crowned and hold the title of Miss Universe of Britain. 

The 25-year- old, Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, is from Anguilla, which is a British overseas area in the Eastern part of the Caribbean. Before being crowned for Miss Universe Great Britain, she was a competitive athlete, winning a silver medal in the heptathlon in the Central American and Caribbean Games and a bronze medal in the CARIFTA Games.

During an interview with Buzzfeed News, Dee-Ann said, “It’s really humbling and I think it’s also a privilege for me to become the first black woman who is crowned Miss Universe Great Britain, I believe that this is the direction that the pageant has been going in for the last couple of years because Britain is a diverse nation, we are a multicultural society and it is time that that diversity is seen on a stage where other young black girls and girls of all ethnicities can see that this is something for everybody not just some of us.” She opened the door and dreams for other young black girls to also have this same opportunity as her.

Her unique dreadlock look is what set apart from the other girls within the pageant and made her the first woman to wear and rock this hairstyle across the stage.

As a black woman, she is an example and role model for all women of color to show them the many opportunities that are out there for the young women who look like her.