Why Flat Tummy Co Is Misusing Self-Empowerment

Twitter/Flat Tummy Co

“The faux empowerment of Flat Tummy Co is maddening. The brand wants to appear as your best friend with a great new diet tip, rather than a corporation selling you a product to fix a problem you don’t have.”

Flat Tummy Co is an Australian company that has been increasing in popularity with the backing of the Kardashians, models, and Instagram girls alike. However, they target girls by promoting girl power in order to sell their product.

In May, Kim Kardashian West was under fire for posting about the weight-loss lollipops on Instagram to her 114 million followers. She did not take down the ad photo but removed the caption, changing it to a simple lollipop emoji.

Recently in Times Square, large billboards were put up showcasing their appetite suppressant lollipops. This has sparked controversy and anger from people who say the advertisements send a dangerous message to women.

Actress Jameela Jamil burst out on Twitter, exclaiming in all caps: “Even Times Square is telling women to eat less now? Have we actually gone mad?”

Jameela Jamil on Twitter

EVEN TIMES SQUARE IS TELLING WOMEN TO EAT LESS NOW? Have we actually gone mad? Why aren’t there any boys in the ad? Why is it fucking PINK? Because you feel men can look however they want? Their goals are to be successful. But ours are to just be smaller?

The picture was taken at the corner of Broadway and West 49th Street, reading “Got cravings? Girl, tell them to #SUCKIT.”

The campaign is receiving backlash because of its juxtaposition: while the company claims to empower girls, they are simultaneously encouraging girls to be smaller or thinner and to eat less.

The brand fired back stating, “our pops are designed to help reduce junk food cravings in between meals, to avoid boredom eating. We definitely recommend still eating meals normally.”

Despite their statement, it is difficult to understand or support in any way the unhealthy promotion of appetite suppressants sponsored by celebrity culture and weight loss industries.