Starbucks Aims To Go Strawless By Year 2020


Starbucks is making strides to become environmentally friendly.

Social media has played a huge impact on the pursuit of encouraging the change of going completely strawless by encouraging people to ask for no straws at establishments where they are most frequently used such as restaurants and at places like coffee chains. Well, Starbucks is certainly taking note of that and in aims of helping save the environment the company is planning on making all stores completely strawless by 2020.

Starbucks has already unveiled a new lid that is designed almost like a sippy cup where no straw is required for those drinks that normally would need one. Although these lids have yet to become a norm for the franchise unless the customer directly asks for it, but hey, at least the option is still made available.

Still, Starbucks is the first major coffee house to make such a drastic change and we hope that this inspires other coffee companies to do the same. This news also follows the most recent ban on plastic straws in Seattle which is actually where Starbucks was founded.