‘Pose’ is Breaking Boundaries


FX airs new dance and musical series Pose.

Pose takes viewers back to the 80’s showing the once unrepresented side of New York.

The show takes shows real-life issues and milestones that the LGBTQ community often faces and also shows the emergence of the underground house scene, a safe place where members of the LGBTQ community could be themselves and live in their truth.

Pose comes on every Saturday at 9 p.m. Pose is so much more than a show the representation of trans women of color is so important this representation is necessary and will continue, the cast has already started filming season two.

The show’s producer Janet Mock also makes history as the first trans woman of color to write and direct a TV show.

Reminder that there are 5 beautiful trans women (black and of colour) that are starring in POSE on FX, a show that is breaking barriers at every turn pic.twitter.com/2vCPiHzj1Y

— matty (@godlycia) July 12, 2018