Dove Cameron Reminds Fans to Aim Beyond Attention From Celebrities


Dove Cameron reminds us all to put self-love first.

While getting noticed by your idol or favorite celebrity on social media is exciting and cool, Dove Cameron reminds her fans that it isn’t the end all be all.

In a series of tweets this past weekend, the young 22-year old star replied to a fan who was hoping to be noticed by her. Her response may have seemed harsh, she later explained why she wanted to set the record straight.

“[Getting noticed by me is] a very small and unimportant life goal. Maybe if I notice you, you will realize how unfulfilling that is and turn your phone off because celebrities don’t matter. GO FIND YOURSELF IN NATURE AND CREATE YOUR OWN LIFE PHILOSOPHY. Aim higher, babe.”

She later apologized in a following stream of tweets.

In it she addresses the backlash: “Sometimes I see celebrity culture and think it encourages something a bit insidious, and I talk about that a lot. I definitely see how my words seemed harsh. I meant [my words] as loving.”

Dove Cameron’s honesty is refreshing in today’s media. She is very outspoken about self-love and gives us the reminder we all need.

Dove Cameron on Twitter

hey all! i truly truly didn’t mean to say anything earlier that hurt feelings. i love love, and i want everyone to feel that love for themselves! sometimes i see celebrity culture and think it encourages something a bit insidious, and i talk about that a lot!

Dove Cameron on Twitter

my words seemed harsh. i meant them as loving! i put things very bluntly sometimes, because that’s just how i think & like to be communicated with! but i always communicate with the intention of my fans loving themselves, not the opposite! i’m blind to how things sound sometimes.

Dove Cameron on Twitter

grateful for your understanding ! all love. phones/social media/celebrity culture CAN SOMETIMES rob us of self love, & i always speak on this. i want my fans to have a healthy relationship with themselves, & put themselves above ME. always. because YOU are the center of your life