Halsey Breaks Out In Tears on Stage After Breakup with G-Eazy


The beautiful singer Halsey broke down in tears on stage for a quick second at the Common Ground Music Festival in Michigan.

The break down follows the recent break-up of “No Limits” rapper G-Eazy and the “Bad At Love” singer. During her performance of her hit “Sorry,” you can hear Halsey’s voice filled with raw emotion as her voice becomes shaky and tears well up in her eyes. During the lyric “Someone will love you… but someone isn’t me,” she stops singing for a few moments and quickly gets herself together and continues the song. Her fans can be heard cheering her on, showing her love and support.


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Those close to the “Him and I” duo stated that they are still very much in love and may cross paths later down the road. G-Eazy is focusing on new music while Halsey is still on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour.

The break-up was also followed by rumors of Halsey sparking interest in Machine Gun Kelly due to a viral photo of the two on the beach. Halsey has immediately shut the rumors down and cleared the air stating that the picture was from two years ago.