Lucy Hale Gets a New Tattoo in Honor of Her Grandmother


Lucy Hale has added to her tattoo collection and this one has a lot of significance to it.

While most of Hale’s tattoos carrying importance to her, this one may top the cake. She showed off the fresh ink in an Instagram post. “Nothing says sisterly bonding more than permanently tattooing your body,” said Hale.  It shows Hale and her sister, Maggie, have matching tattoos that say “I love you.”

She touched on the tattoo’s meaning in the caption, adding “After years of wanting our grandmother’s writing, we did it! Our Grammy was our favorite person & now she’s even more a part of us. Also, my sister is a badass who raises two kids, teaches combat classes AND goes on tattoo runs with her baby sister.” The family love is just too sweet!

The tattoo fits right in with her elephant tattoo from her Cambodia trip, her Pretty Little Liars finger tattoo, and her many other cute tattoos. But we have a feeling this one is her favorite.

Tattoos everywhere I go 🐘

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