Ouai’s New Shampoo is For Your Furry Friend

Instagram / Charlie Nunn

Who isn’t a dog lover?

We all know the Ouai’s famous hair care brand, has just released their new product and you may or may not have guessed Jen Atkin’s new product would be for your furry friend.

I think it is normal to branch out to cater to different hair textures like maybe one for your dog perhaps. The new “Pet Shampoo,” is under wraps until mid-July. Who doesn’t love a good clean smelling dog? The shampoo is infused with odor-fighting cleansers such as apple cider vinegar, aloe, and hibiscus extract.

The ruff life of our Pet Shampoo campaign stars ✨ 🐶🐱

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This isn’t the first puppy appearance, Ouai has featured a dog-influencer, Pippa, Chrissy Teigen’s beautiful dog that has sadly since passed. The new shampoo costs around $28 dollars. We only want the best for our furry friends and to top that, fifteen percent of the proceeds go to Vanderpump Dog Foundation. Vanderpump promotes positivity for dogs, creating a better environment for animals.

Now, you can’t have a dog shampoo with some dogs to promote it.