Mila Kunis Speaks Out Against Rumors


Mila Kunis tells us more about the divorce and pregnancy rumors that the tabloids are spreading.

For the August issue of the Cosmopolitan, Kunis opens up and speaks out on her personal life and her relationship with her husband Ashton Kutcher. Although Mila admits to not reading the tabloid stories that talk about her, she mentions how she is aware of the constant rumors about her being pregnant along with the news that she and Ashton are getting a divorce. She said, “I know this because I go down the grocery store aisle, and I see it on the cover of magazines and I’m like, Oh boy, OK!”

The untrue and fake news that is placed out for the world to see and read is also available for her family members to read. Kunis admits that this kind of news places confusion and stress onto her parents and her grandparents. Because of this, Mila Kunis is glad that she doesn’t have social media for her to share her personal life for others to investigate and to make speculations.