YouTuber Jessie Paege Comes Out as Bisexual in New Video


Youtuber Jessie Paege came out as bisexual in an emotional Youtube video. 

After a hiatus from Youtube, Jessie came back to inform her fans about her battle of coming out and the ramifications of it all. “This video has been beyond long overdue,” the Youtuber wrote in the notes section. “I send love to you all and hope you all embrace your identities.”

She adds, “I’m incredibly nervous to post this, but I’ll feel relieved. I wanted to dive into my relationships and experiences through middle school, high school, etc.”

Many YouTubers and Influencers, in general, have taken their coming out stories to social media and the reactions are often extremely supportive and loving.

Before uploading the video, the 19-year-old Youtube star stated on Twitter that the video she was going to upload would “change everything”.

After posting the video, Jessie posted a picture of herself holding up a rainbow flag embracing her recent announcement.


With the abundance of stars coming out and letting the world know who they really are, many people are gaining the confidence to face their truth and embrace who they truly are.

Watch the full videos here: