Inanna Sarkis’ Powerful ‘No Beauty In War’ Music Video


The video for Inanna Sarkis’ “No Beauty In War” urges you to fight for change.

Earlier this week YouTuber, musician, and actress, Inanna Sarkis, premiered the must-see video for her powerful pop single.

Written and directed by Sarkis, the social media influencer leaves no stones unturned when highlighting the violent actions that plague our society.

Although the song is catchy and upbeat, the video depicts scenes of homophobia, domestic violence, police brutality, the bombing of Syria and the separation of families through deportation.

NO BEAUTY IN WAR is out nowww!! Watch it using the LINK IN BIO 🔥✊🏼

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Despite the harsh realities shown, the overall theme has an optimistic message for the future.

Along with the lyrics, “they can’t take our power, because we won’t let them,” Sarkis includes footage of the marches that have united us since the divisive 2016 election.

As the song ends, Sarkis uses the last few seconds of the video to ask that we continue to fight for change.

“We stand here today as the generation of change. Our voices will be heard. No just for my nation, but for all nations.” Sarkis said. “We are all one race. The human race.”

According to Sarkis, a portion of the proceeds for “No Beauty In War”will go to the Watts Empowerment Center, a non-profit 24-hour community center for children in Los Angeles.