Hayley Kiyoko Donates Bras from Her Tour


Hayley Kiyoko did something unexpected with the bras thrown at her on stage.

There’s no universal motivation for throwing a bra on stage during a concert. Perhaps concert-goers get swept up in the moment and have nothing else to give, or maybe, they just want to share a valuable item that’s close to their heart. Whatever the reason, musicians gain a stockpile of bras they’ll never wear.

While most artists keep them as mementos or more than likely, throw the delicates away, Hayley Kiyoko decided to do something good with them.

In an Instagram post of Kiyoko covered in bras, the “What I Need” singer announced the 78 bras she and musician Neara Russell collected during her Expectation tour would be donated to the non-profit, I Support the Girls.

“HEY BRA THROWERS. Remeber all of those bras you threw at me on tour?!?! We got 78 BRAS.” wrote Kiyoko in the caption. “Thank you for an amazing tour and for all these bras.”

I Support the Girls is an organization dedicated to collecting menstrual products and bras for people in need that have helped over 180,000 women and girls since it was founded in 2015 by Dana Marlowe.

According to the organization, once Kiyoko’s contributions are washed, they will be “donated to an LGBTQ org.”

Its good to know these bras will be used to uplift the community, instead of going in the trash.