Noah Cyrus Opens up About Being Compared to Miley


Noah Cyrus is not her sister, but she doesn’t have to prove that to anyone.

Making a name for yourself in the music industry is tough. While having celebrity musicians as family members can help, it creates an added challenge of developing a career that isn’t shadowed by their success.

This is a more significant challenge for Noah Cyrus who has to contend with the successful careers of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, brother, Trace, and sister, Miley, who have all made their marks in different genres of the industry.

In an interview with Rogue Magazine, when asked about having her own identity separate from Miley, the “Make Me (Cry)” singer explained that she’s more focused on her music than that.

“I’m so proud that Miley is my big sister, and to be able to go to these big radio shows and hang out with her,” Cyrus said. “Of course no one wants to be compared to another person. But it’s like, if a person can only see me for my sister, then that’s really their problem.”

As independent artists, the pair is “each other’s teammates, off on the sidelines rooting for each other,” so it isn’t important to them to develop distinct reputations.

Hopefully the singing sisters will release a collaboration sometime in the future.


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Noah’s debut album, NC-17, is set to drop later this year.