Demi Lovato Gets a New Tattoo


“The team that tats together stays together.”

Demi Lovato shared via Instagram stories her new tattoo. It is a delicate tattoo that spells “free” in cursive writing on her hand, on her pinky finger.

It is perceived that she got the tattoo on Friday, June 22nd, posting about it the following Monday. Lovato revealed that her whole crew was inked with the same identical “free” tattoo, including her manager, stylist, assistant, and security.

Demi Lovato has suffered from addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders, for years. In 2011, she was treated for various disorders. She relapsed after she left the treatment. She then announced her six years of sobriety last year.

The tattoo was shown a few days after the release of her single, “Sober” along with the announcement of her relapse. The singer, 25, has over twenty tattoos and her newest one pays homage to her incredible strength and imperfect journey.