Daya’s New Song “Safe”


Daya has come out with a call to action with her new single, “Safe.”


Daya is a 19-year-old singer who is most famous for her smash hits, “Sit Still Look Pretty” and “Hide Away.” She was inspired to write her latest song, “Safe” after the Las Vegas concert shooting.

The lyrics are melancholy and bittersweet despite the pop-beat. She sings, “there’s not much comfort in this place…I’ll keep you safe.” She sings about a better and safer world.

daya on Twitter

if u can, please donate to @Everytown ❤️

It is inspiring that she is a young artist and is using her voice for the better. With over half a million followers on Instagram, her audience is growing and therefore her platform is increasing to a wider audience range.

According to the artist, “this song could be interpreted as a call to action or a very raw, unfiltered response to what’s been happening in this country…I want it to be more of a feeling and experience than anything. If it continues the conversation on gun control then that’s all the better.”