Terry Crews Addresses Toxic Masculinity


Actor and advocate, Terry Crews, speaks to Congress about toxic masculinity.

In his address to Congress, Crews talks about how toxic masculinity permeates our culture. He explains this by talking about sexual assault and the assertion of power to tell the powerless that they are not in control.

Crews talks about seeing this first hand from growing up in a home where his father abused his mother. He says that he internalized some of these messages at some point and says it impacted his idea of what he once thought a man should be.

He also goes on to share that, in 2016 at a party with his wife, he was sexually assaulted by a Hollywood agent.

Crews also stresses the importance of accountability when it come to sexual assault because turning a blind eye perpetuates the ugly cycle.

Crews would like to use his platform to advocate for other victims who do not have the means to do so thru the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights.