Netflix PR Executive Fired Over Repeated Use of the N Word to Staff


Netflix top spokesman, Jonathan Friedland, has been fired due to saying the N-word one time too many times.

He simply could not understand that the word’s background had heavy meaning and his insensitivity towards using the word has been unsatisfactory.

Friedland had been in a PR meeting about sensitive words when he had first said the word and then he had mentioned the word yet again the two black employees who were trying to help him with his first offense to the altercation.

The co-founder Reed Hastings had only heard about the first encounter with Friedland recently, but the first time he had used the word it had happened a few months ago. There was a second chance administered here to Friedland, but he just couldn’t get his act together to understand the scrutiny behind that word.

Friedman had taken it to Twitter to discuss him leaving the company and sending out apologies. Hastings had made sure to not leave a bad taste in his mouth with Friedman, letting everyone know his achievements and all he has done for the company to turn it into a global enterprise, but it was just time to let go of Friedman. Rightfully so.

Read the memo Netflix CEO sent out here: