Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Finally Make Things Instagram Official


We finally have answers. 



Taking your relationship to Instagram with a simple photo has become a big move to announce a new relationship in recent years, and even celebrities find this the easiest way to express or shut down those relationship rumors.

Well, after a few days of some serious PDA sessions in New York City, model Hailey Baldwin and singer Justin Bieber have finally taken things to the gram.

The two young stars have had a long history with their famously on again, off again romantic relationship, and even ultimately friendship status, but it seems that the lovebirds have found their way back to each other, well, for the time being.

Bieber surprisingly was the one who shared the first Instagram post with Hailey with a quick video of the couple on his Instagram story, which was later saved by fans.

Justin Bieber Crew on Twitter

(2) Justin Bieber via Instagram Stories: https://t.co/8hEoARu5wD

Neither Hailey or Justin has yet to publicly comment on their relationship besides the social media posts, but it is definitely safe to say that these two are most definitely an item. Now the question is, for how long this time?