Lauren Simmons Is The Only Female Trader at The New York Stock Exchange


What I’m about to tell you might seem impossible, but let me say to you it isn’t. Could you imagine working somewhere where you were the only woman on staff, and the industry is very challenging?

Well for Lauren Simmons that is her story at the New York Stock Exchange. Not only is she the youngest, 23, equity trader for Rosenblatt, but she the only full-time female employee to even hold that exact position at the NYSE.

On December 2016 Simmons graduated from Kennesaw State University and moved to New York. She had been an intern at a clinical treatment center while she was in college and earning a Bachelor Arts degree in genetics with a minor in statistics. Her plan consisted of her having a career in the medical field but later realized that her passion wasn’t medicine. Once learning that she wasn’t passionate about medicine, she began searching other industries for opportunities that best suited her.


She remembered how she loved numbers in high school and started to apply for positions in finance. She responded to an opening on LinkedIn and is how she obtained her current spot at Rosenblatt Securities.

For people, especially women, try to get a career on Wall Street Simmons says that the best advice she would give is not to limit themselves.

She expresses that you should be uncomfortable and go after what you want. She tells us to apply for the job even if we have no idea what could be waiting behind those doors. If you don’t get the job, then keep trying and trying over and over again until you strike gold and not to allow this to stop us in our tracks in whatever we want to do. To keep going is something that she says is important.

Lauren Simmons should prove to us all that we are never too young or too old to reach the top as long as we keep fighting for whatever we want.