Starbucks’ Shutdown


Starbucks is reportedly planning to shut down a great amount of their U.S. stores. 

We all enjoy and love a great Starbucks drink. Starting with an ice, cold beverage during a hot summer day or a hot coffee or hot chocolate to keep us warm during the winter. You have at least found one drink that you love off of Starbucks’ extensive menu.

Unfortunately, Starbucks is planning to shut down approximately one hundred and fifty stores across the states. The reduction in stores is meant to give Starbucks an opportunity for an expected buyback of twenty-five billion dollars along with giving Starbucks the chance to add new items to their menus. One of the many things that they plan on adding to their menus are salads, which are such a great and healthy addition to their menu.

We will have to wait and see the new alterations that Starbucks is planning to place into their stores across the states. Alongside their numerous drinks, treats, and breakfast options, we will eventually find new and exciting items on their menu.