Michelle Obama Hosts Her Fifth Annual Conference


Every year, Michelle Obama hosts her annual Beating The Odds conference for college students. Michelle Obama’s annual conference was also known as the #BetterMakeRoom campaign that she hosted was for first-generation college students. This conference was created to prepare these students with tools and strategies to succeed during their college journey. There were guest speakers and panelists present to share their experiences and leave their listeners with motivational quotes and ideas to help them get through their careers.

The event was live on Twitter for followers and first-generation students to watch at home on their personal devices to hear the stories and advice that the speakers and Michelle had to share with their viewers and listeners. Those who tuned in to view and hear what was said at the Beating The Odds conference wrote their thoughts on Twitter saying,

Even Michelle Obama shared her excitement about the summit with Twitter,

Being the first within your family to go off to college can be quite difficult. It can be hard to navigate through college without the knowledge, advice, and tools to get through the college experience. This summit was a great event that Michelle put together for first-generation students experiencing or getting ready to experience college, and this will give students the ability to find confidence within themselves to succeed and stay motivated throughout their years at a college or university.