Biggest Mistakes That College Students Make


Heading to college is something many people do throughout their lifetime and what happens in during this time impacts your lives, a lot. The people you meet, clubs you join, major you pick, and time to grow up comes when you hit college. Although, college isn’t always for everyone, but for those that decide to take the higher education route, here are some big mistakes that many college students make when they first make it to university.

Going out Too much
Many people want to fit in and have fun when they get to college. You are on your own with no parents to tell you what to do, so you branch off to find what you can and cannot do in life. So many students make friends very fast and make plans with many people. However, these plans aren’t always great things. These plans include going to parties, clubs, etc. You can get caught up with the wrong crowd and end up focusing more on partying than studying. Your grades could drop which will make college much harder and a waste of money. A solution would be partying every other weekend when you know you don’t have an exam coming up or say no, your friends shouldn’t unfriend you because you don’t want to party.

Not Reaching out for Help
In college you are alone. You don’t have your parents physically there with you, and there are no rules for you to follow which can make college feel rough. It is okay to reach out to a guidance counselor or someone of authority on campus that you trust if you aren’t feeling like yourself. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with anyone on campus, it is okay for you to take a couple of trips now and then home to see your family and friends.

Taking Classes That Mess up Your Sleeping Pattern
It may seem more comfortable to put an 8 am class early in the day because you will have more of your day left wrong. Taking an early course isn’t as easy as it seems because you have no one to wake you up for school in the morning and some reason it’s harder to wake up. You wake up early for your high school class with no problem, but in college, it’s different and puts a toll on your body. For you, night owls don’t think it’s okay to take super late classes either it will make you super tired at night. The courses also could last for what seems like forever. Make your schedule according to what you think you can handle.

I hope these three significant mistakes won’t occur when you get to college, but if they have, it’s okay to restart you always have next school year. If college isn’t for you, that’s okay as well live your life according to what is best for you.