Unfortunately, Desus and Mero Might Be Leaving Viceland


The ‘Bodega Boys’ are taking a break from the Jefferson’s and are moving on up. If you don’t know, Desus and Mero has been on TV since October 17th, 2016, with two seasons on the channel.

TV isn’t Desus and Mero’s first time in the rodeo they also had a web series in 2014 called Desus vs. Mero on Complex TV.

The late-night talk show on Viceland with Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be ending toward the end of this month. The current talk show consists of the two talking about cultural differences and other popular topics of the day. On this late night TV show, they have several celebrities on there from Charlamagne the God to the legend Fat Joe. It’s heartbreaking that the show will be ending, but they won’t be gone forever. Neither Viceland or Showtime has commented on whether the Bronx duo will be making a move with a possible deal for a weekly talk series. The show used to only air four times a week, Monday to Thursday so going to a weekly talk show series will give them a big come up. Either way, we hope that Desus and Mero continue their hilarious talk show.