Kelis Opens Up About Her #MeToo Experience with Nas


For over 10 years singer and chef Kelis dealt with domestic abuse.

Recently in a video interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kelis opened up about her culinary journey, and also her toxic marriage to rapper Nas.

She describes their five-year marriage as, “tumultuous and toxic” including emotional and physical abuse. While she was married she suffered and was split on telling her truth, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to share her story.

She recalls seeing what happened to Rihanna when the megastar was abused by Chris Brown and knew she was in a similar domestic violence position with bruises on her body from her husband.

But 10 years later after the custody battle between her and Nas, she came forward to tell her story. She realized that she should tell her story with the rise of the #MeToo movement when she resonated with the stories of the victims.

Kelis shared that she stayed quiet during her marriage because she felt like the two could make it work and she is a very private person, so she didn’t want the negative attention that coming forward brings. But during the interview, she decided that she no longer wanted to stay quiet.

Kelis is now happily remarried and a celebrity chef. She owns the company Bounty and Full.