The Three Best Movies on Netflix, in Glitter’s Opinion


This summer, catch up on these top three movies that you should watch on Netflix.

We all don’t have time to go to the theater, relax, and enjoy some good popcorn with a good movie. So if you have Netflix, you should watch these three movies. Everyone now and then needs to have their own little Netflix and Chill.

Thor: RagnarokThor Ragnarok is one of the best Marvel Studios movies so far, it’s indicative of how the MCU is beginning to evolve a decade into its run. For the third standalone Thor film, director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows) essentially breaks the character down and builds him back up again, anew. Gone are Thor’s long locks, self-seriousness, and arrogance. In this film, we get a fantastic haircut, a comedy, and Chris Hemsworth amazing good looks and charisma that shines through. Ragnarok is an absolute blast of a movie, a movie that never takes itself seriously and is an eye-popping thrill ride from beginning to end.

Coco– The movie has everything the typical Pixar film has, and Pixar is known for making moving movies from time to time. Coco is one of those movies that has a heartwarming story, excellent music, and memorable characters. The film might even bring you to tears with the story-line.

Se7en- Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play two detectives who are on the hunt for a serial killer whose intention is to punish their victims for committing one of the seven Deadly Sins. Seven is also the film that put David Fincher on the map, Fincher’s grim take on the film has you curious, yet revolted. The film has star quality and a captivating story-line why not watch this film.